A guide to Hadrian's Wall
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I'm taking a week to hike Hadrian's Wall in mid-to-late August, and I'm looking for a useful guidebook.

I'm planning on camping (and hosteling, if need be) along the way, so I don't want a guidebook that focuses too much on hotels and B&Bs and the like. Does anyone have any experience with any of the guidebooks out there?

I'm leaning toward the Stedman guide, but I'm wondering if anyone has anything to say about the Richards or Burton guides.

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I used the Burton guide in 2006 (there is now an updated edition). It gave very amusing and specific directions, including where to beware of farm animals and lawn gnomes as landmarks. I am not familiar with the other guides but would recommend the Burton.
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The Stedman guide is a TrailBlazer guide. While I haven't used the Hadrian's Wall Guide, I have used the Cotswold Way guide and it appears they are all written in the same style. That is, they use hand-drawn maps instead of OS maps. This is useful and the maps are cute guiding you by landmarks (hand-drawn little bridges and forests and monuments etc.) but, since there is no OS map, you better not go off-trail.

The other thing is that, aside from the hand-drawn maps, there is almost nothing about the trail itself. And no written walking instructions (again, other than occasional word scrawled on the maps) Instead the rest of the text is background on sites, accommodations, food, etc. They list hotels and b&b's and the like.

Can't comment on the others, unfortunately.
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Unfortunately, my guide was my very local best friend. However, some things to not miss are Mithras temple, playing at Roman soldiers (there's a camp held every summer) and imagining you're a marauding Pict. (Please excuse the age of the photographs and photographer :)

Websites we referenced:

The Vindolanda Trust and Roman Army Museum

The Hadrian's Wall Trust whose guide to walking she referenced.

And a forum for finding hints and references for lodging.
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