Low heeled shoes + sexy/fly? Is it possible?
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Unfortunately the beautiful ivory and crystal 3 inch pumps I bought for my wedding make my dress too short! I was kind of distressed, but now I'm seeing this as an opportunity to get a little wilder. Wedding colors are red-red and any shade of purple. Please link me any (well, no Chucks please and no flip flops) kind of pretty/sexy low heeled shoes (in ivory, muted gold, red, or purple). Interested in a kitten heel in ivory, but I'm also way more open minded now than I was before. Purple suede laceup Oxford with side cutouts? Sexy red patent kitten pump? Ankle booties? My dress is ivory lace, strapless, floor length. Thank you thank you thank you!
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Take a look at Fluevog. They have classy, funky, what have you, and are the best made shoes I've ever worn. Bonus: they are currently running their sale!
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I am not sure how the presence of high heels can somehow make the length of a dress shorter BUT! Ivory or gold mules/slingbacks would be super cute. Maybe something like these?
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Do you have a pic of the dress?
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The Offbeat Bride wedding shoes posts could be a great place to browse. There's even posts just about flats.

I've fallen in love with these slightly sparkly red shoes with a relatively low heel, but these ivory and gold wedges are sweet too.
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If you really love the shoes and are not afraid of a little wildness, is it possible to have a trim put on the dress, or to wear a cool visible petticoat underneath, instead?
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These come in red and purple, though the purple seems a little more burgundy to me.
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Response by poster: Here is a pic of some other person wearing my dress...

Elizardbits: Heels make the distance between your waist and the floor longer. Heels can therefore create a gap between the hem and the floor that wasn't there when you tried it on barefoot. The dress is obviously designed to graze the floor and when it doesn't people will whisper to each other OH DEAR HER DRESS IS TOO SHORT and I will feel like a failureclown.
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Echoing the Fluevog recommendation. They have a lot of options that could be really great.

These, for instance. Of these.

Though I think if I were you, I might go with these over here.
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I think these (or something like them) would look lovely.
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What size do you wear? I purchased a beautiful pair of red slides that are satin that I never wore. I'll take a photo of them for you tonight if you tell me where to e-mail it to you if you are interested.
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I have these ferragamos and they are SOOO comfortable. They might work, much more ivory in person than beige.
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What about silver?
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Wow, this is easier said than done. Some are flats, some are low heel.

Oh. hi.


Cutie pies. And while we're at it, these—but in the butter color.

Just think about it. Something different?

Not a huge fan of the glitter thing, but I can get down with this.

A bit more casual? They also make 'em in gold.
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These come in pale gold: Peep-toe Kitten Heel.

If you can get away with a bit of a heel, Chie Mihara's shoes are adorable: Quory Sandal (and a close-toe version).

These are really pretty red shoes.
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Best answer: My favorite fancy-but-not-absurdly-expensive shoe brand is Nina. Elegant, sophisticated. Lots of colors and low-heeled options. See here.
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The coziness of low-heeled wedding shoes-- These are all lovely! And you will be on your feet all day.

Ivory lace kitten heels, some with miniature bouquets on them!

Elegant gold heels, in a tapestry pattern.

Cinderella "glass" slippers or Ruby Red Dorothy slippers.

Wild purple shoes!
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I own more Fluevogs than I should and lust for more, so I'm not going to turn you away from those, but Modcloth also has good options:

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Just a few more from Endless:

Purple and gold Pour La Victoire Ella flat sandal.
I want to make out with these Kate Spade sandals. (They come in both red and gold.)
Kate Spade Miranda Evening Sandal in gold.
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That dress is too elegant for Fluevogs! J Renee makes pretty, kitten heeled shoes in colors. These glittery ones might be fun. These wine leather ones are pretty, and come in silver as well. Here are some extra bling-y low heels in violet.

In any case, Endless and Zappos both have pretty good search filters. I often begin browsing those sites first.
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Oops, meant to say "ivory" above, not silver.
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Arghh- the ivory are here.
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how did this happen? did you have different shoes on when you were getting fitted for the dress? not that i'm going to poo-poo buying new shoes!

beholden always has a beautifully curated selection. even their sale section has gorgeous kicks. i'm going to specifically suggest these.

one word of advice: your dress is graceful and delicate in lace. please, please do not wearing chunky shoes (or shoes with a blocky or chunky heel) with it.
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