I can't believe I'm using my question looking for a cat video but this is gonna make me crazy
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I cannot remember where I found this YouTube video. It is a song about cats in boxes. I vaguely remember the line "cats in boxes are amazing" in it. I think at some point the cat(s) may be removed from the box, and then possibly replaced in the box. The song was sung by a girl (I think) and had a sort of indie/folk-y backing to it.

I think there may also have been something vaguely questionable in it, like cats with photoshopped on bikinis doing a sexy dance, but I may have just made that part up and/or gotten it from one of the other million YouTube videos about cats.

It is not Corduroy Cat.
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Best answer: this one?
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Response by poster: YES THAT IS IT

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You found your answer, but Maru is much less annoying: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uDuls5TyNE
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