Point me towards iPod Nano 6th Generation programming/development resources.
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Is it possible to write code for / develop for the iPod Nano 6th Generation? Can anyone point me towards iPod Nano 6th Generation programming resources?

Hi All.

I want to see if I can write some code / do some development for the iPod Nano 6th Gen, but my Google-fu is failing me. I know that the operating system on these guys has been compromised before and other firmwares installed, but I can't find anything on the iPod Nano 6th Generation via Google. My background is IT, so I don't mind doing some development work, writing code, even attempting a little reverse engineering, but I don't know where to start. Hoping that the hive mind can point me towards some good iPod Nano "hacking" resources to get me started.

Thanks all!
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The phrase you want is "iPod nano jailbreak". The iPod nano doesn't run iOS, so there is limited interest in hacking it, and very little has been done.
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Response by poster: Supplementary Question: Is there anywhere where they talk about the process of jailbreaking and what's involved? A forum or similar? TBH, I am surprised so little has been done, considering that for other Apple devices whole alternate firmwares like RockBox have been developed.
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Not much progress has been made beyond a bit of hackery. As far as I know, there is no jailbreak though this person seems to have developed something that may or may not ruin your iPod Nano.
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