I'm looking for ways to achieve a lush, curly, Italian-like hair style. See picture.
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I'm looking for ways to achieve a lush, curly, Italian-like hair style. See picture.

I have short, fine, straight asian hair. I'm looking for ways to achieve
this hairstyle.

I know it's possible because he is Chinese and has the same type of hair. Does anyone have any recommendations on products?

Thank you!
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Some more pictures:
And here
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...but there is still variation among Asian hair- I've seen Chinese people with straight, wavy, and even naturally curly hair....plus thin, thick and everything in between. Also, he might have a perm in the picture...or even be wearing a wig (or extensions)? I guess what I'm saying is, if your hair is naturally pin-straight I'm not sure you could get it to look like that just with product.
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That's most likely a combination of the right haircut, a lot of product, and a little styling.

I would recommend taking those pictures to a really good hair stylist. Ask them if your hair would do that with the right cut and product. If they say yes, make sure that after they give you the right cut, they teach you what product you need and how to use it properly.

It's hard for people to recommend product over the internet, because we don't know your hair cut or your hair texture in the way a good stylist would.

However, if you want to make a leap of faith and try it yourself with your current haircut, I'd recommend a combination of:

- a texturizing product. TIGI Hard to Get and Manipulator are my favorites -- I have fine, straight naturally blond hair and they give me thick textured hair with pieced definition at the ends. Hard to Get is a thick, almost wax-like paste, and Manipulator is slightly thinner but stickier. It might take you a few tries to figure out how much product you need to get that look.

- a shine spray. Again with the TIGI, Headrush is perfect for my fine, straight hair -- not too heavy or oily like some others I've tried.

And no, seriously, I don't work for TIGI or anything, I just really really like their products.
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Honestly I think back-combing is the thing for you here.
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I do have similar hair with him. A google image search on Jay Chou shows that he has straight, thin hair just like mine. Not sure about perm though. It is very possible.

Currently I have Surf Spray and Grooming Creme from Bumble and Bumble. From the video, it looks like you could get something similar. I got the products today and tried it after shower, but wasn't too impressed. Perhaps I didn't use the right amount or don't have the right hair cut.

I'll look into Hard to Get and Manipulator. But I'm not too familiar with TIGI. I'll read some more review about it and see. Thanks.

I tried back combing. It doesn't work. It just make my hair really messy but doesn't alter the texture or volume.
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You want a 'molding clay' product like this one. The big tip is to thoroughly towel dry your hair, and then let it air dry even longer until it is almost completely dry before you apply the product.
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Oh yeah, definitely wait until your hair is very dry to apply a texturizing product.
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I know this look! You can get it by first getting the right kind of haircut. A good stylist will "texturize" your hair, which means use of a razor plus thinning shears to layer it. Then it takes a good amount of product (typically wax or molding clay) to give it shape and hold. A cheat would be to get a digital perm and then a texturized cut. That cuts down on the amount of styling you have to do everyday, but may be well worth it if you don't like the feel of having heavy product in your hair all the time.
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Seconding the "get the right haircut". I don't know where you are, but go to an asian hair dresser specifically - they cut hair totally differently than a western one. They'll do a stellar job of 'texturizing' your hair just the way you're looking for, and show you how to style it too. They're masters at the wispy voluminous hair.
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Your best bet is to find another asian guy with hair you like, and ask him where he gets his hair cut.
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As long as you have a cut with that much texture, you need something burlier and probably on the greasy side. Surf Spray is like the weakest hairspray possible, and B&B blue creme is weak as well when you're talking about that kind of chunkiness. You might try a mousse or some pomade-y type products. One that I've tested that might do what you want is Night Rider. Try putting product on before your hair is completely dry, if you don't already, and vice-versa if you do.
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Seriously, the "thing" you need is not Yet Another Styling Product, but a styling consult. Is there an Aveda anywhere near you?
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Thanks everyone! All of your comments and recommendations are very wonderful. I'll probably go to a stylist and ask for professional help. We have a couple good salons around, and we've got a couple salons with Aveda products too.

On a completely different note, and I think this is more important as it's probably easier to achieve and I can do it every day instead of just once or twice, what are some good ways to achieve that after-shower, messy hair look with hair strands coming out everywhere?

My hair looks gorgeous after I step out of the shower. It's got volume, body, texture. But they all go away once my hair dries up. What are some ways to retain that texture?
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Put those styling products in while your hair's wet
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