Help me love my chair!
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Help me keep my white leather chair looking awesome!

Ok, so... I just picked up a nice reproduction of a Barcelona chair (Barce-clone-a!), and it's upholstered in an ivory-colored aniline leather. So soft!

Unfortunately, I am now scared to goddamn death to sit in it. Dye transfer from jeans worries me, and my belt even left a big black streak on some of the raised piping. It came off eventually with some careful rubbing and a damp paper towel, but what can I do in the future? What if I don't catch it in time?

What sort of cleaners and protectants are good? Do they work well? Is there a way to seal the cushions?

I am thinking now that aniline was a bad choice on my part... Am I doomed forever to be afraid to sit in my chair? WHAT IF SOMEBODY ELSE SITS IN IT??!
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I have an off-white leather couch that I bought 8 years ago. I also have two dogs. My couch is still in pretty great condition considering I have two dogs. This is mainly bc I have a blanket I use to cover the seat bc I'm a sucker and like having the dogs on the couch with me. I also clean it thoroughly about once every week to two weeks with leather furniture wipes. When company is over, the blanket comes off and the dogs aren't allowed on the couch.

But yeah, you should avoid sitting on it (uncovered) in dark jeans or anything you think my transfer color. I mean, it is white leather—it looks fabulous but it's not the most practical piece of furniture one could buy.
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a few years back some friends and I went on a holiday where we rented a house - it had nice cream leather couches, which apparently didn't like being next to pink hair at all. A little googling revealed that hairspray will take stains off of leather - and it totally worked!
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