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I'm ready to redesign a new start page and need some inspiration. Anybody willing to share their personal portal to the web?
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I suggest taking a look at the Open Source Web Design site. I have found great designs to work from there.

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I like to use public domain images

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I just took all the links I normaly typed in and put 'em on one big .htm page.
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How about the Astronomy Picture of the Day? It's usually a great picture with an explanation written by a real physicist/astronomer.
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Here is my old one, though some of the search boxes don't work (and I lost the Wikipedia one somewhere along the way). I haven't bothered to fix any now that I use Firefox and do all my searching right from the address bar.

Right now I'm working on one without the bright bright blue and with some RSS feeds (NYT, WaPo, BBC) on the front page, but there's a long way to go.
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Mine is about:blank. Anything I would want on a start page is either (1) a quick search, (2) a bookmark, or (3) a Bloglines feed.
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Here's a couple of screenshots of my custom design. I am happy to share the template with you if you want to learn from it. It's valid XHTML and CSS too.
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Here's my 5 column start page
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My portal to the web

What you can't see: There is a "site management" and "just for me" section that contain links to things like my websites and their cpanels, websites for work, my banking website, gmail, etc. Those sections are hidden to everyone but me, based on my IP address.
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my start page is dynamically generated using perl! :)

in the middle is a list of favorite links, with the # of times i've clicked the link and the last time i've clicked the link. they're sorted so that the most-recently-visited ones are at the top. if i don't visit for a couple of weeks, they fall off the front page. the links are grouped based on how long it's been since i've visited them: less than eight hours, less than one day, less than two days, etc.

on the left, some of the same links are displayed under headings like "bills," "blogs," "daily updates," "tuesday updates," etc. for each heading, if the page hasn't been visited in some number of days, the text is bolded and bright red so that i know (for example) to pay the cable bill.

the right has a form to add a new link to the list (with an optional group for display on the left), the doppler radar from for my area, and a webcam image of venice beach for when the weather is bad where i am.

at the top, i have search boxes for google and the online guitar archive.

if i've made no sense, here's an annotated and mildly-censored screenshot
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