How do I combine the play count of iTunes and my iPod?
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I want to keep an accurate play count of my songs in iTunes: to do this, I want the play count to reflect not only what I play on iTunes at my computer but also on my iPod. Is it possible to have the iPod update the play count on iTunes when I connect it to the computer? Is there any way to make a smart playlist of most frequently played tracks that inludes BOTH iTunes and the iPod? Or am I stuck with independent counts?

Ultimately, I'd like to be able to update these combined playcounts to Audioscrobbler.

Also: I'm on OSX 10.4.x and I don't sync with the iPod (I have more tracks on my computer than will fit on my iPod.)
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iTunes will do what you describe if you sync. You don't have to copy all of your music when you sync. Make a playlist of the music you'd put on your iPod, then in the iPod Options box, select "Automatically update selected playlists only" and choose that playlist. Then when you sync, play counts will be updated.

I just tested, and if you select "Manually manage songs and playlists" play counts aren't updated.
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Or, you can set your iPod to sync, and use the checkboxes to indicate which songs should be on the iPod.
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You're not going to get your pony the way you like it.

You're going to have to sync. Syncing will update eveyrone's count (but not keep them separate, that's why it's called syncing)

When you define how to sync, you can choose just which playlists go over.
Create a playlist called "Pod Library" and put all the music you want to send to your pod in there.
Build Pod Specific playlists from the "Pod Library" only to help you monitor/maintain the music you have to the size of your iPod.
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