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Microsoft Office Track Changes has decided to make my reviewing color an orangish YELLOW. Yellow looks great on green but is completely lost on white. How do I change the color?

I tried Track Changes preferences panel and nothing stuck. On a mac, Office 2011. It's the same for new documents, old documents and just started this morning. I'm hoping someone else has successfully figured this one out!
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On the "Review" tab on the ribbon find the track changes button. It should have a little dropdown (I think this is still there in 2011?). If you click "change tracking options" you can force it to use a specific color. If you leave it to the (default) "by author") you can click "change user name" on that same dropdown and make up a username (e.g. "cardadmom2") and get a new color.

I found a picture here, just scroll down a little. I didn't read anything else on the thread, I was just looking for a picture, so I have no idea if it would be helpful.
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You can also just shut down Microsoft Word (i.e. close all open documents) and re-open the document. If it still comes up yellow, close all open documents again, then open a different document and then the one you're working on. It seems to assign review colors somewhat randomly each time it starts up, but usually no two open documents will have the same color assignments.
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