Long lost advice column by a dishwasher
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Long lost advice column by a dishwasher

Has anyone seen this website on the earlier days of the internet? A sort of advice column written by a dishwasher with a philosophical bent. It just consisted of questions asked and answered. There was perhaps a circular graphic with the links to the questions placed around it. I’ve searched for the dishwasher but cannot come up with the right set of terms. Perhaps it is no longer on the WWW! I guess it was more than ten years ago that I saw it. I’m just missing it like an old friend. Thanks!
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It might be related to Dishwasher Pete, a guy who was on This American Life back in the day.
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Dishwasher Pete has an excellent book available, called, coincidentally Dishwasher.
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Oh, also, his website at one time was dishwasherpete.com, which is now a generic "are you looking for a job" site. The Wayback Machine has some older snapshots of the site, mostly promoting the book. Not sure if any of the old blog entries exist.
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No, I don't think it was Dishwasher Pete, although that looks like a fun book!. I don't remember there being any name on the website because I did not know if the adviser was a man or woman.
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The first thing I thought of was Dishwasher Pete, but I don't remember him answering questions. Googling "dishwasher advice" I found this. There's a link to "ask the dishwasher a question" and the first question I found was called "Suburban Existentialism." Could that be it? The bottom of the page says "Copyright 1996-2009" so it looks like it's been floating around the internet for a while.
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Yes, ActingTheGoat, that is it. Thanks so much! I tried that Google search but either missed the link or did not have the patience to wade through the results. I probably need to learn how to do smarter searches or sift through the results more efficiently. Thanks again!
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