Your best lime/lemon cake please!
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Need a great birthday cake for my dad!

So due to some quirks, I am actually going to be spending my dad's birthday with him, the first time in a long while. Even better, his grandsons (my sons) will be there too. Needless to say, he's over the moon. However, I would like to go that extra step and make him an awesome birthday cake too. His dessert preferences tend to the lemon/lime spectrum, with key lime pie being his favorite dessert ever (he also has a lime juice popsicle before bed every night, regardless of season), though he also does love pistachios. Historically, his birthday cake was always a lemon cake from a box with lemon frosting, but I've gotten more adventurous in my baking (I haven't used a cake from a box in years, though I do still find them tasty) and so I'm sure I can top that this year, but what I'd love is your suggestions. He is ambivalent about frosting (though it is my 3 year old's favorite part, though he will be happy if I put ice cream or whipped cream on his slice, even if there is no frosting).

So hit me with your best lemon or lime cake things to make my old dad happy!
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lime chiffon cake. i've made an orange chiffon cake before for someone, and it was wonderful. i may have to do this myself.
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America's Test Kitchen's Lemon Chiffon Cake.
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We love this key lime cake recipe.
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Meyer Lemon Cake, with a wonderful cream cheese lemon frosting. It's to die for. Also, take a look at more lemon cake recipes at foodgawker and pinterest. And you can't go wrong with NY style lemon cheesecake.
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Wow i'm just like your dad! We must be twins!

Make a white cake batter. 3 layers. Filling will be lime custard. Frosting, a simple non-sweetened whipped cream. Like him I don't like frosting, that's why I just cover the cake with whipped cream.

At the top of the cake you could make a large circle of whipped cream mounds (someone who knows baking better please tell us what these are called), then in the exposed area in the middle, scatter very fine pistachio bits.

If your dad is anything like me (and all seems to point towards that) I suggest the cake not be sweet. Lemon custard filling and whipped cream is plenty sweet enough.

And by the way, you're more than welcome to bake a cake for my birthday too!
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I'm am going to be the voice of dissent and suggest that you make a Kitty Litter Cake!

Instead of German Chocolate cake, make a nice lemony cake. Use any frosting you like, then top with Coconut, some of which has been dyed green. (Green and white coconut = kitty litter.)

Then sprinkle with Almond Roca or Tootsie Rolls.

I sure hope your dad has a sense of humor because it can be delicious and fun!
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No, no, forget the pistachios on top! Instead, use toasted unsweeteened coconut ribbons (not those gross super suggary coconut flakes).
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How about a white chocolate citrus mud cake? I have made a version of this recipe a couple of times now for friends, and it stills get touted as "best birthday cake ever" by a couple of them!
Use coconut milk instead of regular milk in the batter
Use a touch of coconut milk in the ganache too, or else put shaved unsweetened coconut on top
Also, if you make this, watch the cooking time, mine was ready well before the 2h mark!

Note, this is an Australian recipe, so you may have to convert some of the measurements! (Tablespoon, cups measures are different)
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How about move a little on the spectrum to an orange icebox cake? It's my chocolate-indifferent father's favourite, and it's delicious. I can type up the recipe if orange is appealing.

I otherwise have Rose Levy Berenbaum's pistachio cake with lemon frosting which has been among the most successful cakes I have made. Do be sure to let the cake and the icing both cool appropriately before you ice it. Do use the icing she suggests, but you can use normal sugar not just superfine.
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This pretentiously-named orange-scented olive oil cake is the bomb diggity. I have also made it with meyer lemons. I imagine it could also be made with limes, though lime rinds are very bitter, so that might put the flavor off.
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Response by poster: Great ideas so far! I should note that I HATE coconut with a fiery fiery passion, and I can taste even the smallest amounts in a baked good, so those are right out. Keep them coming though!
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How about a lemon pound cake? Not super sweet, no frosting (maybe a little bit of glaze), takes well to ice cream on the side (lime sherbet maybe?) and keeps/travels well!!
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I recently made this Whole-Lemon Tart (From Smitten Kitchen). OMG super yummy! Even my if-it's-not-chocolate-it's-not-dessert-type husband liked it!

I bet you could use limes or any other citrus (adjust for total weight).
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Why not make a key lime pie? It's his favorite. I've always had a fruit pie for my birthday -- blackberry when I was growing up, but strawberry & blueberry fresh fruit pie now (since I realized it's in season). My grandma always has pineapple upside down cake, even though it's not a very traditional cake, because it's her favorite. Go with what makes him happy.
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Response by poster: No key lime pie because that's what is always made for him and sometimes when you get more creative you find new favorite foods ; ) Plus my toddler isn't a super huge fan of it... yet.
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