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WeekendExcursionFilter: SeaWorld (San Antonio)/Aquatica, a one- or two-day destination?

Two kiddos (8 & 10). One is ga-ga about animals and swimming, the other will be intellectually interested in the animals and probably won't do water slides--both love roller coasters, etc. I hear that they "close" Aquatica when it hits a critical mass--does that effectively mean that we need to dedicate one day to Seaworld per se and one day to Aquatica, or can we enjoy enough good stuff from both in a single day? (Pretty certain we can't do all of both in one day.) FunCard + Aquatica 4 pack = $300, seems to be the way to go, no...?--which probably no-brainer translates into 2-day experience then, right? More than anything else, this drives hotel plans. Any suggestions there welcome as well...

Bonus questions: Do you walk around in swim trunks all day? Meal plan worth it? Quick Queue? Stingray Encounter @ Aquatica (other Animal Experiences = $$$!), thoughts? Cabana @ Aquatica = stupid expensive, but I hear that you're effectively "homeless" without it or the $50/two loungers--with family of 4 can we rotate using the loungers or am I forced to toss in another hundred bucks for chairs? What am I forgetting (besides lots of walking, drink plenty of water, replenish sunscreen periodically)?
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Disclaimer: I don't have any children, and I've never had the chance to visit Aquatica. I assume you've checked out the TripAdvisor reviews?

My impression of Sea World SA by itself is that it wouldn't normally fill up a whole 8-hour day, but your kids probably couldn't spend 8 hours at a park, anyway. Sea World proper has only two roller coasters and two water rides (ones basically a log ride and the other is one of those big circular boat rides around a river, with 'rapids' and water cannons and such), and then the shows of course. (Note that Quick Queue ONLY works on those 4 rides, not Aquatica). If the kids wanted to see every show, they could probably use up all their energy - the park is pretty large area-wise so it takes awhile to get around. I would look at the schedule/description of shows and figure out in advance which ones the kids would want to go to, then plan in meals and some rides of course, to figure out if a full day was necessary.

There is non-reservable Aquatica seating, I hear it just fills up fast. One option would be to risk getting a couple of lockers and getting there super-early to stake out a spot. Really I think the seating is more for the adults to sit at while their kids are in the pool, so two loungers seems like it would be enough.
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