Will I get stuck in Tokyo?
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Please help me determine if this flight plan through Narita (Tokyo) airport is plausible or insane.

I have a flight booked that will take me directly from Boston (BOS) to Nartia (NRT) and land at 3:50pm. I want to then catch a plane from NRT to Komatsu (KMQ) that leaves at 5:55pm. I will not be checking any bags. Will I have enough time to clear customs and security to get on this flight?

Bonus question: My flight home leaves at 11:30am, and no flights from KMQ get in that early (that I know of), so I was planning on flying back to Toyko the day before. Can anyone recommend a good hotel near NRT airport that I can stay in for one night?
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I'm not sure what terminals you're coming into or leaving from, but the official minimum connecting time across terminals at Narita for a couple of airlines I looked at seems to range from an hour and 30 minutes to an hour and 50 minutes. You're above both of those at just over two hours, so assuming your initial flight is on time I think you're likely to be fine, especially since you do not have checked bags. The minimum time has things like getting your luggage, checking back in, etc., built in, at least theoretically.
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The international-domestic minimum connection time from JL (which arrives in Terminal 2) to anything in Terminal 1 is an hour and 50 minutes. You'll be cutting it close, but having no checked luggage may help. Hopefully you have enough carry on baggage to avoid extra scrutiny at customs.
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Is there a flight to Komatsu from Narita? The last time I did this I had to travel by plane, train and automobile from Narita to Haneda.
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KokuRyu, Kayak says yes: http://www.kayak.com/r/CWACDpGgf2
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