Slide right into my hot box, baby
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Owing to bad/absent ventilation design on the part of hold everything, I now have a drawer with an interior temperature pretty constantly in the 90 degree F (32 C) range. How should I best take advantage of this?

Terrarium? Anthrax incubator? Pigmy jerboa habitat? Shoe polish storage? I want to see if I can make this into a bonus before I do the sensible thing and knock holes in the back wall of the cpu unit.

The computer kicks up its fan when the CPU gets too hot, and it's not been doing that at all, so there's no worry on that score.
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Sounds like a nice place to keep your buns warm. For dinner.
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All that I can think of.
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I'm afraid the only benefits of that drawer are either yeast or iguana related.
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Become a mycologist. Fill in the blanks.
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Hot towel anyone?
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I can only think it would be useful for say drying seeds of some sort (but then, there's no ventilation huh?) or ganja; or for storing wax .. and the shoepolish was a nifty thought. If there was some ventilation I imagine young chicks might enjoy it in there.
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You could cut a couple of ventilation holes into the back panel behind the computer, one at the bottom near where the fan exhausts and one at the top to allow hot air out, or you could just take the whole back panel off behind the computer. This may not be as much fun as having an incubation chamber, but it probably is more useful and better for the computer.
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Hmm, are you *sure* that the fan's temperature sensor is (still) working correctly? Outside-of-case temp of 32oC means the case interior is a a few degrees high, and the CPU core temp is even higher than that.
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I would keep homemade chocolate chip cookies in there, so the chips would be all melty and gooey when I ate them with a glass of cold milk.

*suddenly remembers her cholesterol level and sighs*
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Yes, I'm sure the fan is working right.

Carry on.
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Install a small aquarium for a tropical fish and its friend. Use residual heat to assist in the heating of the fish, and save on electricity bills. Next, enjoy the company of your new comrades.
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Warm the dinner plates before serving the hot dish on your next date.
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spermatozoa like to be kept at that temperature...
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Actually (and I haven't checked out necessary temp. & conditions) perhaps growing bugs could be advantageous if you like tempeh - soya bean & Rhizopolous oligosporus (?spell). That might be a fun project.
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Keep gummy bears in there. That way you can re-create the credits scene from Ferris Bueller without having to keep them in your pocket.
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Grow mushrooms.
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Do you have any interest in making your own wine vinegar? It wouldn't take long at that temperature.

Failing that, I third the mycology suggestion.
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