What geeky events are there in the Pacific Northwest (especially with musicians)? What geeky bands are in the area?
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What geeky events are there in the Pacific Northwest (especially with musicians)? What geeky bands are in the area?

I'm a songwriter, and have been working on an album of songs which are definitely aimed at more of a geeky crowd. Rather than just trying to find shows at clubs around town (Seattle area), I was thinking of hitting up some events, such as comic conventions, sci-fi events, gaming events, etc., and see if I can get a spot playing at their events. The problem is, I only know a few of them. So, if you know of events that draw more of a geek crowd and have musicians play, let me know. I'm looking for anything within about 3 hours of Seattle.

Also, if you know of any geek bands in these area's, I'd love to know so that I can start networking. I know of Molly Lewis, Kirby Krackle, and the Doubleclicks, but that's about it.
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The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets are out of Chilliwack, not too far from Vancouver. They're one of my favorite bands.
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Hm, thought you'd get more replies on this - there are SO MANY BANDS here! And geek stuff is huge in Seattle! I'd maybe call or visit EasyStreet Records, and also Silver Platter records. Their employees are knowledgeable about the music scene. And radio is still powerful here. Check out stations KPLU and KEXP - they play local bands all the time. Why not find out whether you could be featured on one of their segments -

KEXP's site
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I don't know how PAX selects musical acts, but it is in Seattle and has huge attendance. I think they also sometimes do a more open jamspace in collaboration with MAGfest (Music And Gaming).
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http://www.kumoricon.org/ is an anime con in the Portland/Vancouver area. They have DJs so maybe a band could fit in there somewhere.
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I heart The Doubleclicks, out of Portland.
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Vixy & Tony. They're extremely nice people, so you could probably email them for more information.
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As far as I understand it, PAX selects their concert artists by Tycho and Gabe deciding who they'd like - there are no applications. However there is usually the Jamspace, and you would be best off emailing pax_questions@paxsite.com to see if that's just 'rock up and play' or you need to do something in advance.
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