Best Crab Legs in Suburban Chicago?
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Where are the best crab legs in suburban Chicago?

My birthday is next week and as a tradition I reward my annual aging by dining on crab legs (my fav!). In the past we have gone to Pappa Deaux in order to satisfy this convention, but the conveniently located one is closed now and I figured we may as well mix things up anyway. Where can we get the best crab legs in suburban Chicagoland? I live in Schaumburg and my parents live in Des Plaines and we'd prefer to stick around the surrounding area rather than heading deep into the city. Any recommendations? We have been to Pappa Deaux's, Red Lobster, Joe's Crab Shack, and Shaw's. I was considering Bob Chinn's, but that place looks crazy expensive and I saw it got some mixed reviews. Thanks for your suggestions! :)
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Totally reconsider Bob Chinn's.
I'm a bit biased because I've been eating at Bob's practically my entire life (almost 30 years!) and it's hands-down my favorite restaurant. To be honest, I've had a few not-so-awesome food experiences there but the great experiences completely overshadow them. Also, it is a bit pricier but I believe you really get what you pay for.

As far as crab legs go, you must order the entire King crab, steamed. I've had plenty of only crab legs at Bob's--usually as a surf & turf combo with the steak (their steak seasoning is so good!) and for 20 years I've said, "Bob Chinn's has good crab legs."
But just last year our waitress suggested we try the entire King crab and it was absolute bliss. The deliciousness of those legs far surpassed what I thought were the best crab legs I've ever tasted. I almost cried because they were so good. Now I tell people that Bob Chinn's has the BEST crab legs.

You're gonna need 3-4 people to tackle their smaller crab. I usually go in a group of 4 or 5 and their smallest crab (usually around 5-7lbs based on availability) is more than enough. Plus you have the free garlic rolls and they throw in a few sides like rice or potatoes. If that's not enough grab a bowl of clam chowder (I've had chowder on both coasts and Bob's gives them a run for their money) or you can add a steak at a discount (because you bought the crab).
The prices fluctuate but the times I've ordered the entire crab we were looking at around $150 for 5lbs. About $175 for 7lbs.

One final thought: if you still have room for dessert go for Bob's Slice of Paradise. It's a pie consisting of a coconut custard over a purple yam (think sweet potato/pumpkin minus cinnamon plus purple) filling topped with whipped cream in a macadamia nut crust. I'm drooling just thinking of it.
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I go to Shaw's for my seafood needs. Never had the crab legs, though. Their raw oysters are super.

There's also Parker's in Downer's Grove, but I've never been there.
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I would recommend Bob Chinn's as well--it's an experience.
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Another vote for Bob Chinn's here. My boyfriend's and my families often go there for birthdays or other celebratory dinners. It is pricier than Red Lobster, but you're celebrating, right?

If you do decide to go into the city, King Crab on Halsted (north of North Ave.) has all you can eat sno-crab legs on Sundays before 2 or 3pm. They may not be the greatest, but they are tasty and unlimited! King Crab is also owned by Shaw's.
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Bob Chinn's, Bob Chinn's, Bob Chinn's. Even when we were living in Lincoln Park I'd take visiting guests there, if only half for the experience. But yes: if you have enough people, go for the whole king crab. It is the most delicious crab I have ever eaten.
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Tin Fish in Tinley Park.

That's it, we're done here. There is no other answer. Really, they're that good.
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Oh, sorry, I missed your geographic restrictions. Nevertheless, Tin Fish is the only correct answer to this question.

It's really only a half hour or 45 minutes from you, via 355 south to 80 east to Harlem.
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