Fast Flatbed Scanner with SMTP/Exchange integration
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I am looking for a Fast Flatbed SMTP/Exchange integrated Scanner. It should work as a stand-alone device i.e. networkable (so not attached to a PC) and email scans ('scan to email' so digital copies of receipts can go into an expense system) and be easy to use. It should have SMTP/Exchange/AD integration completely so it should be possible to Email to multiple email addressess if necessary. Money is not an issue but it should have fast and responsive scan times. I am really looking for recommendations especially from people with experience with enterprise ready Flatbed scanners in SME business environments. Something sturdy and reliable. Thank you.
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Depending on what you're scanning, a multi-function copier may be exactly what you're looking for here. We generally just dump the files in a user's folder on a file server, but they all seem to support email and many are more integrated than that.

You probably want to speak with your local office equipment retailer.
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how small? First I'll anti-rec the Xerox workcenter. Don't know if it's the whole line, but the 7600s are horrid things, we bought two new, both were replaced under warranty multiple times and had ongoing service issues. They were replaced with Canon imagerunners and haven't had any issues so far.

2nd wierdo - talk to a reseller about leasing. A new unit can cost in the $20k~40k range. leasing can make a lot of sense.
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HP Digital Sender. I have one at home which I have set to e-mail a cloud file backup service and have all my documents appear immediately on my computer, tablets, phones etc.

HP sell maintenance kits so the important bits that wear out eventually can be replaced easily.

Regular e-mail contacts can be added to an address book on the device. Scans double-sided documents, takes a couple of seconds a side.
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