What's a good Lego-related gift for a 5 year-old?
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What Lego-related gift should I get in the USA for a bright 5 year old Australian with Asperger spectrum issues? He likes Lego and has a particular interest in Legoland in San Diego. I want something that costs no more than $20 and I'd rather leave presents of actual Lego to his parents.
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The LEGO Ideas book is pretty great. My 4 year old son loves it, as do his 9 and 12 year old cousins.
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An Australian Lego Club lifetime membership is A$19.95.

If you will be visiting Legoland in Carlsbad, they sell really awesome tshirts and other non-brick tchotchkes that cannot be purchased elsewhere. All of Legoland's gift shops are inside the park's gates and require a park ticket to enter, however, you can get a full refund on your ticket if you exit Legoland within an hour. (Note: don't try this on weekends or near closing time, the line for the registers at the Big Shop nearest to the front gate can take a very long time to clear).
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Remote control helicopter! S-107. *Depends on the kid.
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Have a look at the Dorling-Kindersley Lego books. My son has really enjoyed the Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary.
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if it has to be something from legoland itself (that i haven't seen in any of the lego stores), a friend of mine brought me back a flashing LED lego brick keychain that turns on and off with a switch. i totally love it.
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If they do a big poster of this map, then a detail oriented babynerd could get lost in that pretty good.
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Lego salt and pepper shakers! Puts Lego on the dinner table every night.
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For the 5 year old:
The Lego Book (Lots of pictures, gets into the history of Lego and its evolution over time)

Maybe in a few years:
Forbidden Lego (The fun things you can build that are just dangerous enough or use non-lego pieces that Lego will never sanction them)

The Cult of Lego (more text-heavy, more technical, actually has a chapter about autism therapy and Lego)
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Hey, I used to work at the Big Shop! Please don't assume that you can get every Lego item ever created at Legoland California. You will be disappointed.

They typically had, when I worked there, popular sets like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Spider Man, Dora the Explorer, Bob the Builder, Clikits, etc. and not a whole ton of inventory for other things. In other words, I wouldn't suggest relying on the suggestions in this thread but instead look at what's in stock when you get there.
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