What does it take to vote in the November election?
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Is there an updated list of all the new Voter ID laws in various states in America?

There have been a bunch of changes to state laws that put new requirements in front of voters. Links to individual supervisor of elections websites where the new requirements are outlined would be great. I have seen conflicting news reports of what it will take to vote in certain states in the presidential election in November, so I would like to be able to send friends and family definitive information for their states, and also be aware of changes in other states.
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Best answer: Ballotpedia.
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Link to Vote411.org, which allows you to look at eligibility and ID requirements state by state. Each state's page appears to have a link to its election commission Web site.
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The Obama campaign has Gottavote.org, which is pretty good for that sort of thing. You don't have to give them any information or anything to use it.
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Best answer: The Brennan Center has excellent resources on voter ID laws, including a report of all changes this year.
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