Dungeness crab recipes
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What are your favorite recipes for Dungeness Crab?

Ahhh, the Pacific Northwest. We have lots of crab. So far I've been making crab enchiladas and crab cakes, but I am looking for more of your favorite recipes. Thanks!
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Dungeness crab is the BEST! No recipe, just served up with butter and lemon, some crusty bread!

My husband's Swedish mother, who settled up near Olympia, ate crab on English muffins, topped with cheese and broiled.
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Cracked cold Dungeness is very good but here are some spicier recipes from South East Asia.
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Maybe it's just the East Coast heatwave talking, but I would kill for half an avocado piled high with crabmeat and, I dunno, butter and lemon squeezed on top maybe? Or some creamy sauce? A teensy bit of sriracha?
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I just had an awesome one last night. Hopefully I've remembered everything. Serves 4.


2 live crabs
4 big leaves of cabbage (green or nappa)
3 chunks of Vietnamese rice noodles (skinny)
2 T Vegetable oil
1/2 C Fish sauce
4 limes
scallions/green onions
Zest of preserved lemon, or regular lemon

(Directions for preserved lemons, though it's slightly more complicated that we dot it: preserved lemon. (we skip the oil).

1) Boil each of the two crabs (in separate batches) for about 13 minutes. If they're big, boil for 15 minutes and then pull out. Get the meat out. Set aside.

2) Cut into strips the outside (big floppy) leaves of a head of cabbage. Maybe 4 leaves or so.
Put them in a pan with a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil. When they start to get a little hot and translucent, add a half cup of water and put the lid on. As soon as they're a little limp, and a nice bright color, take them out and divide them among your 4 bowls.

3) Wipe out the pan and fill it 2/3 full of water. When it's at a boil, add 4 people's worth of vietnamese noodles. (The skinniest are fine. We used the 2nd-to-skinniest and it was better) (But we're still talking angel hair size here- not linguini or anything)

4) Once noodles are cooked, rinse them 3 times and then distribute them among the bowls on top of the cabbage.

5) Mix a third of a cup of fish sauce with a half a cup of water and pour it over the noodle/cabbage combo in the bowls.

5) Put crab on top of cabbage/noodle mixture.

6) Cut the bottoms off of about 6 scallions (the thickest part). Cut into 1 inch long pieces, and then cut those lengthwise into quarters. Fry these strips in a little bit of oil in that same pan, til they're soft and a tad of crisp at the edges is nice, too. Put on top of the pile in your bowls.

7) Pour about 2 tablespoons' worth of fresh-squeezed lime juice over each bowl.

8) Add diced zest from about half of a preserved lemon, or a lesser amount of regular lemon zest, if you have it.

9) Toss the salad in each bowl.

10) Garnish liberally with cilantro.

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Hard to go wrong with traditional crab louie, too.

Butter lettuce, or red leaf lettuce.
Asparagus (cooked or canned)
Hard boiled egg, sliced or cut in half
Lemon wedges.
Some other salad things like cucumber if you want (I skip them)
Big ol' pile of crab on top.

Crab or shrimp louie dressing, which is sort of like thousand island but with some hot sauce and worchester sauce. We skipped the catsup entirely when I was a kid, but I actually like it (heresy!) Here's a more traditional recipe, though.
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Generally,though, my crab doesn't last long enough to make it into a recipe. Set up a table with a big bowl for shells,and just eat a whole crab per person with lemon (and a little butter if the crab's not all that). Watch a movie while you're eating. Having a dry wine (Prosecco). Perfect evening.

Protip: put your DVD remote in a plastic bag.
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We lived in Port Angeles, WA for years and had an embarrassment of dungeness in season (residents got a free crab trap license). I freely admit that we made dungeness grilled cheese sandwiches (with havarti and sourdough) more often than not. You can put avocados in them or mangoes or sliced apples or cherry preserves. You can also make them on the beach in those over-the-fire grilled sandwich cages and then you are eating surfer food, for real.
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I love it just boiled and then dipped in butter. BUT, if you have leftovers, it's awesome to make your own California roll at home - it's a little involved making your own sushi, but totally worth it to have it with fresh, real crab rather than imitation crab.
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rumposinc those sound great!
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small_ruminant, I'd take your crab louie and drizzle this caesar salad dressing (just brought back two bottles of the stuff) with some shaved cheese on it.
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The dungeonous crab's natural habitat. Right next to a hunk of sourdough bread and a green salad.

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Crab Dip:

big handfuls of cooked cracked Dungeness crab
a twack (half a cup? less?) of sour cream
add a tbsp or so of mayo if you're some kind of sicko
several squeezes of lemon

Mix vigorously. Eat on top of crackers, in sandwiches, with veggies, by the handful...
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