Comic flushing out those phonies who are only claiming to have been a reject so others will like them.
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Several years ago I saw a webcomic about distinguishing between those who falsely claimed to be unpopular in high school from those who actually were. There was a young female narrator / investigator, maybe identified as the author of the comic but maybe not, who talked about interrogating friends and acquaintances to see how unpopular they really were. I think the last panel showed her writing in a note pad. Anybody remember this? Google is getting me nowhere. I may have stumbled across it by following a link from here, but more likely from a comment than a post.
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Best answer: Are you thinking about this installation of Heather Havrilesky's "Filler" on
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Somewhere in here?
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Response by poster: deanc,

Yes I am, and I'm a little amazed you could place it considering how hazy my memory of it was.

Thank you.
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