What font is this?
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I'm trying to Identify this font.

I've scrolled through every font in photoshop in an attempt to match it. Any guidance (or similar-looking fonts) would be much appreciated.
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This looks like someone took Coronet, thickened it up with an outline, and of course moved the letters around on the baseline and added a drop-shadow.

It's an older font and may turn up on some systems under different names. For example Bitstream calls it Ribbon 131.
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Zadcat, you are a lifesaver. Thank you so much!
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Found this Font - Aspire - which is free to use but would still need some fiddling with.
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You may already be in the know, but thought I'd throw this out there: WhatTheFont is a useful tool that helps you identify fonts. You upload an image and it spits out the closest match(es) in its database. :)
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azlondon, Thank you! I went with Aspire. This is going to be perfect for my friend's little tutu shop. Colorproof, that's a great resource. Thank you for the link!
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