HDTV has bluish lines all over it
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My tv has turquoise colored lines all over it, and also on top of menus. It just randomly did this, no lightning storm or anything. Any ideas? Sharp Aquos LC-46D62U or LC-52D62U (Tv is mounted to wall and the manual is for both tv's. Not sure which one mine is.)
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Also, here are two pictures. http://www.temetvince.com/Other/tv/24028883_JFMXK5#!i=1950796519&k=PVP6smz
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Well, the first thing I'd try is change the input, to make sure it's the TV and not any other device like the DVD. Second thing would be to see how dusty it is and if, with the power turned off, I can use a compressed air canister to blow it out.
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seconding, dhartung.
if it's a certain source next step would be to replace the cables connecting that source to the tv.

btw if you want to know the exact model, measure the TV screen (not the whole TV) diagonally. If it's 46'' it's the first one, if it's 52'' it's the second one.
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Unfortunately, because the lines are also over the tv menus, there's no way it can be an input source. :(
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That looks to me like the result of a failed part on the circuit board. Electrolytic capacitors are now famous for failing early and are often easy to spot (look for bulges in the top, leaking, or the rubber seal at the bottom coming out).

Otherwise, it's probably an IC. I'm not really a super-duper technician with monitors, so I couldn't even hedge a bet. However, if it is, nowadays you'll most certainly be replacing the board unless you're incredibly good with surface mount parts. And replacing circuit boards from the factory is either impossible or prohibitively expensive.

My suggestion? If there's no warranty, take the power out, open it up, be careful not to touch anything high voltage (might take some time to discharge the circuit that powers the backlight--it'll often be marked, but not always) and see if there's any capacitors that are bad. If so, they're generally easy to replace. If not, check on eBay and hope you can find a like model that has a smashed screen. Buy it for the parts, swap all the circuit boards, and hope it wasn't the display after all.
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