Bird call ID, please
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There's no way for me to search this (that I know of), so I'll just ask the Magical Mefites. What is this beautiful birdsong I hear almost every morning outside my window? I love it; it puts me in a good mood when I hear it in the morning--even if it's a ridiculous hour like 4:30am (thankfully, not often). I tried to clean up the audio by filtering out traffic noise, so there's probably some odd artifacting; also, the interval is longer--I just trimmed out the longer periods of silence. Pacific NW.
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Wow. The download took me to pr0n. Hope it's just a specific browser issue.
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Response by poster: Ah crap. Sorry. I don't know if they added that forwarder recently or what. Let me find another hosting solution hmmmmm.
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I was directed to your birdsong download. It IS very pretty. Hope someone can identify it.
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Best answer: I think it's a song sparrow -- love their call and have a similar reaction!
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Response by poster: Here is a dropbox link too if the Mediafire link doesn't work for you.

Aww, I love sparrows. Is the song really the same, though? The sparrow song doesn't have the uhhh... longer, lilting trill at the end of my linked on (yeah, I cannot describe these things).
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One would think there'd be a Shazam for birdsong by now.

WeBIRD looks to be the closest thing. But not quite ready yet.
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Response by poster: AAURGH! I want that app. Well, at least someone is developing it, but I suppose I'll have to wait before taking my smartphone to the woods (where there's still a signal) and pointing it at pretty bird calls.
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Could you share the general area that you live in? That'd make this a lot easier.
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Best answer: Thanks for the dropbox link, Ky. :)

Just had fun on birdjam, and I agree it's a Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia).
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Best answer: (the males can have up to 10 different songs - so it's, like, your own personal bird's own personal interpretation, maan)
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Response by poster: likeso/k96sc01 (etc)-- Wow, those song sparrows have such variety and complexity; at least for the amateur ear like mine. :) Maybe I'll make this into my ring tone or something. 10 songs! I learned something new. My sparrow is special, though, honest.

(DisreputableDog: Pacific NW, tagged onto the OP; I don't think there are particularly rare birds limited to a city/state for my purposes, though.)
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Response by poster: Additional note: I had made three total recordings of different songs but only posted on here. Given the variety that song sparrows can sing, they're probably all from the same bird. Cool.
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Response by poster: *one here ..
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