Unicycle Shopping NY Style
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I have a friend visiting New York (from UK) in September. He wants to buy a Unicycle and take it home with him. The model he wants is a "Semcycle" with a 20 inch wheel. Is there a (real) store in NY that stocks them? I've seen the Semcycle on line store already. Thanks in advance.
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according to unicycling.org, these folks carry them. however, they are also available in the uk
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Response by poster: Thanks for this jjoye....but I fear I have not explained myself adequately. My friend wants a SEMCYCLE. That's a make of Unicycle (made by Sem Abrahams). The two sites you mention (both in the USA) don't seem to sell Semcycles (although they do sell other makes of Unicycle).

To recap: I need the name of a street store/outlet in NY that has stocks of Semcycles with a 20 inch wheel.

Apologies for any confusion.
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