Is this a weed or what?
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Weed or flower filter: I was on vacation for a week or so and now there is a bunch of stuff here that I can't identify. HELP!

I feel like a tool for even having to ask this, I generally have a lot of luck with plants and my gardens have generally been gorgeous and turned out great. This is my first time doing a full size bed, though, and this is a virgin bed and its first plantings ever. It is also my first time planting bulbs, and I don't really know what the bulbs I planted should be looking like. Also, in my enthusiastic state while I was planting, I didn't really keep track of where I was planting things.

Pictures of the plants in question:
Picture 1
Picture 2

Things I know I planted:

I also got a big 'ol bag of a couple types of bulbs, but I can't remember what were included in the bag....

Please help me before I accidentally pull up a plant that I meant to grow. :(
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It looks a bit like a weed to me, maybe something in the sunflower family.

My advice is to let it grow as long as you like the foliage. Keep a close eye on it, and yank it when it flowers if it's a weed. It doesn't look like it will spread unless you let it go to seed.
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picture one, thing on right is likely a dahlia. thing on left is a bindweed. kill the bindweed.
picture two thing on right is again, likely a dahlia. thing on left is something in the carrot family - could be cliantro or parsley or something of that nature.
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Unknown plant #2 is your dahlia. #1, not sure, could be bindweed. I agree that #3 looks like flat leaf parsley -- do the leaves smell like parsley if you crush them?
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thing on left is something in the carrot family - could be cliantro or parsley

Perhaps more likely for a sudden volunteer/invasive, wild carrot aka queen anne's lace.
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Also, neither of the weeds are glads either. I'm of the opinion that if you didn't plant it and you know it's not your plant, yank it out.
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If I knew it wasn't what I planted I'd haul it up, but I don't KNOW if its not my plant, mostly because I wasn't keeping track of what I planted.

I'll pull out the bindweed, and yay to the dahlia identification.
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Bonus identification: picture number two the plant on the far right is Alchemilla mollis, aka Lady's Mantle.
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I'm pretty sure that the tall, strappy-leafed things behind your dahlia are the glads.
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Agree with purpleclover: those are your glads behind the dahlia. And yes, get rid of the bindweed.
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I think it's possible that the parsley-looking leaves are Ranunculus ssp. Ranunculus does not smell like parsley, so that's a good test. It is likely to be slightly fuzzy on the undersides or at the nodes. It's definitely not Queen Anne's Lace- that has pinnate leaves (like a feather) and yours has palmate (like a hand) leaves.
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