Pandora and Spotify don't get it.
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I am currently obsessed with the first minute of Some Nights by Fun. I've thought a lot about it and I think it's the a capella with multiple distinct harmonies and the clap beat that really delight me. Suggest other songs / artists I'd also like.

Another band I love because I can pick out the harmonies easily is Chumbawamba (strong horns also delight me). Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel is another favorite of mine because of the syncopated clap beats. I'll take songs or artists that have either of these qualities.

When I try to use Spotify or Pandora to pick stations based on the song, they both seem to pick up on the wrong parts of the song. I'm too lazy to calibrate the stations slowly by hand.
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Try "Way You Walk" and "I Believe in Fate" by Papas Fritas. I love "Some Nights" and something about it reminds me of Papas Fritas.
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Maybe Talking Heads: Road to Nowhere?
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Hm. Caveat that the rec's below don't have harmonizing that is quite as rich/full as your examples, but ...

Mika's Lollipop has both syncopated clapping and harmonizing (some of his other songs might qualify too [e.g., Blame It On the Youth, We Are Golden], thanks to askme for turning me onto him!)

Janelle Monae's Tightrope and Feist's When I Was a Young Girl both have syncopated clapping. Also Hanson's I've Been Thinking 'Bout Something is clap-tastic*. (Yes, that Hanson. I know. It's actually pretty good.)

Kimbra's Settle Down offers some more quality clapping, with a side dish of harmonizing. (Yes, she's the girl from that Goyte song. Her talents go well beyond what that song showcased.) Good Intent might have some of the chorals you're looking for (closer to half way through the song).

The Rescues' sound is much sparser than your examples, but they satisfy either the clapping or harmony requirements over various songs.

Toploader's cover of Dancing in the Moonlight has clapping (though not syncopated) and not exactly harmonizing because it's just an octave difference, but it's a great song.

Finally, this may be too far out the genre, but Michael Kaeshammer has some rather invigorating clapping in his Lovelight.

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First and foremost, I absolutely recommend Family of the Year, especially Let's Go Down.

Bryn Christopher's The Quest also comes to mind. Not strictly with the clap-beat, but with harmonizing in the chorus, horns, and a great voice.

In a (sort of) similar vein, you might investigate Sam Sparro's Black and Gold.
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Oh and previously!
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The Go Team!
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