In Search of Occupy Blueprint
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Occupy Wall Street held a National Gathering in Philadelphia which ended this week. There was supposed to be a collectively drafted "blueprint" document emerging from sessions. The last report I could find mentioned that it was still being compiled on July 5. It was supposed to be completed to hand off to a group marching to NYC over the course of this weekend. Does anyone have a link to this document? All I've seen are some painted signs that were used in the process.
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Response by poster: So, no?
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For some reason the mods deleted my earlier comment that i will try to find this out for you. I asked on twitter and jackrabbit from interoccupy said that they were preparing the blueprint for release this week. here is the tweet convo.
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Response by poster: OK, I'll stay tuned. If you come across a link before I do it would be great if you could post it here. Thanks!
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Response by poster: I accidentally clicked "resolved" though it's not. I guess nothing ever came of this (no great surprise really).
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