Inscription translation?
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I'd like a translation of this (I think Japanese) inscription in this picture frame. Could you provide one?

If possible, could whoever translates it also let me know if the inscription in the vase is a signature or if it says something?

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The closest in Japanese characters are 吉祥 and 如意, which are words by themselves in Japanese; they mean something like good fortune and freely/as you wish, respectively; I think I've found a blog post on the meaning here: そして、「吉祥如意」の意味は 「万事めでたく順調です」。= something like "Everything is all right." Ah, in fact, the author says it's Chinese, and pronounced "チィシャン ルーイー" Chiishan ruuii, in the Japanese approximation of "ji2 xiang2 ru2 yi4" whatever that means. So yeah, chinese, not Japanese, and apparently used in the entranceway/mudroom of somebody's house
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It's Chinese and it means something like peace, harmony and prosperity and good wishes.
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Best answer: it's a Chinese chengyu, meaning a 4-character saying, meaning "wishing you good fortune".
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