Where are the batting cages in the SF Bay Area?
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Where are the batting cages in the SF Bay Area?

Slow pitch softball, specifically.

My Googling has found a couple, but it's hard to tell if they are any good or still open or what. Does anyone have any personal recommendations? The closer to Redwood City, the better, but it's not a big deal.
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There's All-Star Academy in Santa Clara, but that's not really very close. Pretty sure they have slow pitch.
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Try Malibu Grand Prix in Redwood City: http://www.malibugrandprix.com/site/Redwood/attractions.html
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Diamond in the Rough Baseball in Belmont is very good. Yelp thinks so, too. My son's AAA LL team has practiced there. I would recommend them as the best local option -- really an excellent, indoor facility. It's pricey, but they are well staffed and their equipment is very good.

Redwood City also has the batting cages at Malibu Grand Prix Mini Golf & Go Kart Racing, off Seaport Rd. by the port of RWC (by Lyngso Gardening Materials). They do have at least one softball cage, but it isn't as nice a facility as Diamond in the Rough Baseball. It is cheap(er), however.
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Not so close to Redwood City maybe but there's this one in Burlingame:

Future Pro Baseball

I don't have any personal experience but I see people going there all the time so it's definitely still open.
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