Spoilers wanted for Spec Ops: The Line
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Give me spoilers about Spec Ops: The Line! [spoilers]

I've heard some interesting things about this game. I'm very interested in game narratives and narratives in general... But I hate first/third person shooters and I don't want to sit through 6-7 hours of shooting for what ultimately could be an underwhelming experience.

So please give me any and all spoilers! Pics, videos are great, essays are great too. Thanks!
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RockPaperShotgun has a good writeup. Given the source, it's a fairly intelligent look at the game as both an entertainment vehicle and as an experience.
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The Wikipedia page has a full summary, with alternate endings.
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This week's episode of the Weekend Confirmed podcast has an amazing and very literate discussion on its shortfalls. Ironically, the week before is a long conversation with one of the creators on its goals.
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(Well, the discussion is about the game on a general basis, but it seems to have universally disappointed.)
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Episode 119
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Well, I happened to take a few screenshots of some things that I found interesting: Loading Screen 'tips' (One, Two) that get bleaker and bleaker towards the end of the game, and an aptly named objective.
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Thanks so much guys! Based on the responses, I'll probably just go and play the game... it's only 5-6 hours... and I like the setting....
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