Hopefully this is Lynchburg's redeeming quality
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Do the two Lynchburg, VA j. crew clearance outlets have normal hours?

I have to go to Lynchburg, VA (again) for work for several days. Yeah, I know. But, this time I'm traveling on my own so I can finally check out the j. crew clearance centers I have been told such wondrous stories about. J. crew has two clearance centers (they ran out of space, I guess)-Wyndhurst and Millrace Rd. I gather that they're actual outlets as opposed to the factory stores in giant outlet malls. These two stores sell stuff from from the regular j. crew.
My question is-does anyone know the hours on these locations? They don't really advertise much and I'm having trouble finding out.
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It may not matter - most of Lynchburg doesn't have power right now. When are you going?
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Best answer: Millrace phone number
Wyndhurst phone number

Call either and press '2' for hours-- done!
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Response by poster: Sadly, our offices have reopened. But good point! I won't arrive until Monday night.
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Response by poster: Open 'til 8 M-Sat! And have power!
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Response by poster: After action report: I gather from hearing other shoppers in both stores that it's the kind of thing you have to stalk. Sometimes they have tons of awesome, sometimes not so much. I didn't get anything this time, but I'll probably visit again next time I'm in town. So I recommend, but with that caveat. If I lived in Charlottesville, I don't think I'd make the drive for it.
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