Fringe: Critical Season 4 Episodes?
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Fringe Fans: What are the absolutely essentials episodes in Season 4?

I've been watching Fringe on blu-ray (with a little bit of amazon video), but I've got the chance to go to the panel at Comic-Con next week, which means I really need to catch up. I've already seen the first 2 episodes of season 4, but I don't have time to cram 20 episodes in over the next 6 days, so other than those, which are the most crucial to the season 4 plot?
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In my opinion, you can't really miss any episodes in Season 4. Too many of them are connected to the metaplot.

I think, though, if you were to skip any, they would be:

Making Angels (which is a really good episode, though)

The rest,'d be missing out on some big stuff if you skipped any of them.
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Not to threadsit too much, but yeah, that's what I was afraid of.
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I agree with zizzle - this season is tied together particularly tightly, and references past season eps that we only *thought* were monster-of-the-week throwaways.

You can sleep when you're dead! You can get through 20 eps in six days!
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If push really does come to've seen the first two episodes, so you know that nobody remembers Peter, and he's bummed about it. Skip on to episode 15: A Short Story About Love.

Then you absolutely have to watch episode 19: Letters In Transit. This will very likely be a prelude to season 5. And then wrap it up with the last three episodes, World's Apart and Brave New World Parts 1 and 2

I think this will leave you well prepared for Comic-Con.
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I think you could skip "Letters In Transit" if you were pressed for time. It does probably serve as a bridge to next season, but at the same time it's not an integral part of the Season 4 arc.

If I were re-watching the season, I'd pull it out and watch it last -- after the finale.
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