Can you identify this table?
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Which kind of table (desk?) is Jon Hamm standing in front of in this photo?

Because "vintage table" is too broad a search term, apparently, and I'm not sure how to narrow the search.
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That drawer-looking thing is, I'm sure, a cutting board if that helps your search.
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It looks like it's got a formica top -- that might help.
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Formica (or, if you're in Canada, arborite), may turn up results.
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I've had a table like that and the drawer-like thing was a drawer for silverware. It was always a hassle to use and when the leaf was extended it was totally inaccessible.
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Try these search words: formica chrome dinette
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Looks to me like a tabel from a vintage formica dinette set.
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This one is fairly close, and it has the drawer.
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Here's another one. Scroll way down or search for "chrome dining table"

I put in a bunch of search terms to find this: 1950's chrome table with drawer and slide-out-leaf.
There were other results that matched the photo, but they were all completed auctions and the sites were taken down.

These tables were everywhere in the 50's. They were kitchen tables which had a drawer for silverware, and many of them had a leaf that pulled out from underneath the edge of the table on each side so you could make it bigger. bdc34 is right - if you pulled out the leaf on the same edge as the drawer, then you couldn't get into the drawer. I think you can see in the Jon Hamm photo on the left edge that the side is not smooth about a third of the way back. That is the end of the leaf.

I had one in my bedroom in the 70's which we used as a desk. We fastened mod-flowered blue and green curtains around the edge to make a cubby underneath it. I think that table is still sitting on the patio at my dad's house and is covered in rust.
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It might be a specific brand of vintage table, called Sellers. They usually have a drawer in the middle.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your help. Vintage/chrome/formica/dinette really helped to narrow the search down.
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