ID a faucet from this picture, win valuable gratitude
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Can anyone help me ID this faucet? Late last night I noticed a steady drip/stream, and could not find an obvious manufacturer ID before, which I'd like to get before barreling into a hardware store looking for the right replacement parts.
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Best answer: It looks a lot like my faucet, which is a Moen. There's no model number or anything that I can see on mine, although the knob cover has the Moen label as well as the H/C labels I can see in your picture. Looking through the current catalog, this was the closest match I could find. It's got a different knob cover.
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Best answer: It appears to be a Danco replacement handle for a Moen faucet, with a solid likelihood that this is the replacement cartridge you would need. (Googling around suggests there are a few other Moen single-handle faucet systems, but none of them are used in lavatory faucets).
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Best answer: You're going to be replacing the cartridge. So long as the shutoff valves under the sink are working, I'd be inclined to pull the cartridge and take it with you to the store.
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Seconding jon1270: shut off the water, remove the cartridge, and take it to the hardware store. The staff there should be able to point you to the correct replacement.
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Seconding the Moen. I would guess the Chateau line, which around here at least is widely used by builders as their standard model. Parts are widely available.
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Response by poster: Flipper's got the model, drlith's got the cartridge, and jon1270's got the wise move, to boot. Successfully pulled and awaiting time to get to the store on Saturday, so kudos to the missus for insisting on the two-bathroom condo.
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