Point me to a font size ruler.
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I need a clear ruler with picas, points and line thicknesses on it, for measuring printed materials. I want it today. I'm in Australia and go shopping on the Gold Coast or Brisbane. The nearest thing I've found is at Officeworks but the picture is too small to be able to tell if it's what I need and they appear to only sell it online. I'm willing to pay up to $100. Maybe more if it's super-duper.
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Best answer: I think what you're looking for is a C-Thru AccuSpec II ruler.
No idea where to find it in your area.

Here's what they look like, and only $7 here in the States.
(sorry if amazon links are not allowed here).
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Go to Officeworks. If they don't have it, step into the next aisle over, buy transparent printer pages, and print your own.
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Here you go, they have branches in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, apparently.
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Response by poster: tallus, that doesn't appear to have points on it.
-harlequin-, My printer doesn't do transparencies.
artdrectr, Amazon links are fine here - but regretfully, I can't find that item listed in any Australian stores - though it's exactly what I want.
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Response by poster: Regarding transparencies - anyone know a predesigned font size measure in PDF format - preferably A4 online?
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Response by poster: The artshop around the corner from me had this in stock though not listed.
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Schaedler Precision Rulers, set of 2, transparent. Don't know if they are available in Aus. though.
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