What to do with cake trimmings?
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What to do with excess cake?

I just finished making this magnificent dessert. But, as you can see, it generates a lot of leftover cake, in some odd pieces. I could make a negative version, but I wanted to know if anyone else had ideas. Recipe says to freeze and save, but for what?

my first plan: make a lemon curd with the excess egg yolks and some other things I have around and pour it over the top, enjoy.
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Best answer: Make cake pops.
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Best answer: Freeze it and save it for a cake emergency. Like those days when you say to yourself, "I want cake!" But there's none in the house. What are you going to do at that point, wiseguy? Bake? Or will you be prepared for a cake emergency?
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Best answer: Trifle? There are a million recipes for trifles out there; one of my aunts makes a really simple one -- jam, a little bit of whatever type of liquor she's in the mood for (chambord, brandy, whatever) and whipped cream between layers of cake.
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Best answer: Do you have any cookie cutters (or even glasses) to hand? You can cut .5 to 1 inch cake rounds and freeze them. They make an excellent base for strawberries and whipped cream, or ice cream and chocolate sauce.
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Best answer: Cube your cake into about 1 inch pieces. Toss with sugar and then brown lightly under the broiler, tossing it periodically to get all sides. Serve with delightful things to dip it in -- lemon curd, yes, good. Also whip cream, fruit sauces, caramel, etc.
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I had a hard time putting myself in the place of someone who even believe in the concept of "excess cake".

But you could make bread pudding out of it, only, with cake.

Mmmm... cake.
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Nthing trifle!
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Seconding cake pops - they taste super-sweet and truffley, which seems like it would go best with that type of cake. I'd be leery of toasting or trifling a cake which had so much food coloring in it - IME, you can taste food coloring and need a lot of frosting to blend away the taste. Whereas I associate toasted cake pieces and trifle with really unadulterated, cakey cakes. Which should not be read to imply that I have any objection to cake pops. Mmm, cake pops.
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I too am confused by all these creative suggestions. CRAM IT INTO YOUR MOUTH UNTIL THERE IS NONE LEFT. Lemon curd as needed.

The trifle idea is nice but involves more work than should be necessary to eat cake. I like the bread pudding idea, or even supremely decadent breakfast french toast. Or cut it into whimsical shapes and have a posh afternoon tea tomorrow.
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Send it to ME!

I never ever have excess cake.

Except at my wedding, but the stupid caterers threw it away! I would have frozen it all.
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There is no such thing as excess cake, just people not hungry enough right now. So, I'd say - just keep it in the fridge, you know you'll eat it sooner than you expect to.
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Best answer: Also you could make a British flag version that your guests throw dramatically into a harbor made of pudding and then hungrily devour FOR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY.
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French toast it. Who cares if the pieces aren't uniform.
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Oh, yes, trifle. I am not a big fan of trifle, but just for the record, traditional trifle is strictly sherry trifle. There are a zillion variations, calling for pound cake, medira cake, duncan Heinz yellow cake, whatever - your cake will be completely suitable. It is hard not to be fond of something that looks like this.
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Best answer: Bourbon balls!

My gf and I made a ton of these with cake trimmings I got from work a couple of Christmases ago. I'm not sure if this was the recipe we used, but if not, it was very similar. I wouldn't worry too much about precise measurements--the whole process is pretty forgiving. We made three versions: Yellow cake with rum and ground walnuts, chocolate cake with Kahlua, instant coffee and ground almonds and red velvet cake with pecans and bourbon. Some got rolled in powdered sugar and some in cocoa. They lasted (refrigerated) for a looooong time and improved with age.
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a local store sells cupcake shakes, blend with ice-cream!
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Take the cookie cutters and cut them into rounds, put buttercream in the middle of a couple and freeze in plastic containers. Great gifts/snacks.
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Offer guests cake or death.

Most of them will chose cake.
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Response by poster: What are you going to do at that point, wiseguy? Bake?

Well, yeah. I'd bake. But thanks for the suggestion.
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You can also freeze cake if you're going to use it for bread pudding or trifle.
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Yes, bourbon balls. Yum.
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Also, bourbon ball's Caribbean cousin, the rum ball. My husband and I made these around Christmastime and got good and cake drunk on the second and third days of Christmas.
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You, my friend, need to discover the pure and unbridled joy of cake soaked in your favorite milk and spooned up as breakfast. I prefer soy, but almond or good old cow work just fine.
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Response by poster: OK, I froze the trimmings, and will use them for future delicious desserts. Thanks, everyone!
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