Which brands carry decent non iron slim fit dress shirts for Men (size -14.5 - 32/33)?
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Which brands carry decent non iron slim fit dress shirts for Men (size -14.5 - 32/33)? I have almost bought every single one I like at Brooks Brothers. Their fit is good but I am looking to shop from another brand so that I have more choice. Also I would prefer to go with a brand that has a good online store (hate going to the mall). Please note it has to be non iron. I am okay with BB prices but wouldn't mind learning about more reasonable options - Thanks!
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I think Outlier would do the trick.
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Have you checked out Lands' End? I think they call slim fit "tailored."

Also, Paul Frederick?
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Jos A Bank is having a huge sale right now. They recently introduced their Tailored fit, which I believe is the slim version of their shirts. In fact it says, "Same neck and arm dimensions as standard fit dress shirts but with a narrower waist."
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My boyfriend likes the Calvin Klein slim fit dress shirts a lot. He doesn't iron them, and they always look good and fit him great.

If you did want to try one on, you can find them at Macy's. Here's where you can find them online.
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Great online shopping and lots of promo code sales (30-40% off every few weeks) too. Sign up for emails if you like the shirts.
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Check out Arrow. They're made by the same company that makes Van Heusen and Calvin Klein.

With any of these brands, you should suck it up and go to the mall once, try things on and figure out what you like, then order your brand/fit online. It's worth it to be sure.
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J. C. Penney slim fit shirts. (Note- Claiborne is now a Penney house brand not necessarily, but possibly, manufactured by the old Liz Claiborne company.)
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Assuming you're not averse to oxford cloth button downs, my go-to brand is Gitman Vintage. Hands down. They are fairly pricey at $140-160 a pop but if you don't mind the cost, the quality is second to none. They're also made in the U.S.A. if that's a consideration. If you live in or near a reasonably sized city, look around and you can probably find a menswear shop that carries them if you want to try one on in person. The fit is comparable to BB Extra Slim Fit but even better IMHO. I have the exact same measurements as you and you'll want to order a small.

My second favorite is the Gant Rugger line, specifically the Hugger Fit. If you have a 14.5 collar size, the top button might be a tad too tight for you, but it doesn't bother me. Gant has a 50% off sale right now though I've found the small sizes are often tougher to come by. For instance, I picked up their gingham poplin in red a couple weeks ago and it's great.

And definitely keep an eye out for online sales. It's not uncommon to find both brands at upwards of 50% off once you get midway or end of season.
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I find most "slim-fit" shirts really just fall into the category of "slightly less billowy" (and Jos A. Bank is a major offender here) but I find 5th & Lamar actually delivers the goods.
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Men's Wearhouse sells some good ones by Pronto Uomo and Joseph & Feiss. They have frequent sales too.
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TM Lewin are in the middle of a sale right now. They're always in the middle of a sale, but the sale right now is particularly cheap. These are British shirts, so the slim fit might be a little snugger than you're used to. (They do an even slimmer fit, "fully fitted", but they don't do non-iron in that fit.) And these are dressy rather than preppy shirts, so watch out for the cuffs -- many are French cuff rather than barrel cuff.

There's also Charles Tyrwhitt which are similar to TM Lewin (i.e. British, dressy and slim-fitting by US standards).

I think a lot of the recommendations so far (except maybe Lands End and Banana Republic) are for non-non-iron shirts. The question is about non-iron shirts.
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Response by poster: Very good information. Thanks everybody!!
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Thomas Pink has both "Slim Fit" and "Super Slim Fit". The Swedish brand Eton calls their (somewhat) slim fit "Contemporary Fit" and also offers the slimmer "Slim Fit".
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Seconding Lands End.
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Response by poster: Thanks but not interested in a brand called "PINK" for Men.
Call me old fashioned. - Thanks anyway.
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Thomas Pink is actually a terrific brand -- it's a Jermyn street shirtmaker (though of more recent vintage than T.M. Lewin, having been founded in the 1980s and not the 1880s) and their shirts are excellent quality. Personally, though, I prefer Charles Tyrwhitt to Thomas Pink, but that's more because Thomas Pink doesn't make shirts in my husband's exact size (and when I'm buying him gifts, shirts that have to be tailored to take the sleeves up half an inch before he can wear them is annoying).

Anyway, Charles Tyrwhitt has both "slim" and "tailored (extra slim)" fit no-iron shirts. You can order online with ease (though I think they have a store in NYC).
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Oh, and it looks like Charles Tyrwhitt is having a HUGE sale on non-iron shirts right now. It looks like most of their non-iron shirts are $39 right now, which is kind of astonishing.
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Thirding Lands' End. You want non-iron tailored. I order everything online. If they don't fit you can return at a Sears.
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Response by poster: Ordered quite a few lands end shirts. Thanks guys!
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I would re-consider Lands' End non-iron "tailored fit." They are still quite large, to the point that I have had mine taken in significantly by tailors. I'm 6', 180, and the "tailored" 16/35 has so much fabric that it would take roughly 50 pounds of fat to fill out the gut and arms of the shirt. So baggy.

I've had better success with the "dressier" shirts at Uniqlo.
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Seconding benbenson: Lands' End shirts are also pretty baggy on me, but on the flip side they do have a great return policy!
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Lands End Canvas shirts are actually better. Medium fit me perfectly.
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Response by poster: Having bought a few Lands end shirts I can now recommend them. They fit well.
Thanks All!
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I am also a 14.5, 32/33, and just bought a Kenneth Cole Reaction slim-fit shirt that really fits me well. You should be able to find the brand online at retailers like Macys.com
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