What else sounds like Leviathan's Worship?
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I really like the spacious, dark, and mysterious sound of Worship's Leviathan. What other tracks and groups feature this sound?
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David Bowie? Muse? Zola Jesus? Fever Ray?
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Joy Division? Gary Numan?
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Response by poster: Fever ray is definitely close to this sound, thanks...
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Metro Area - Miura
strongly recommending Junior Boys - In The Morning, or anything off their first album, Last Exit.
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Maybe the Kings of Convenience remix album, Versus? Erlend Øye's voice has infinite amounts of languid space in it. Or FourTet's Remixes double album (there's some crossover there: Weight of My Words).
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Maybe Massive Attack? Liz thingie's vocals are obviously entirely different, but the overall sound is pretty dark.
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seconding Gary Numan, yeah. Not his early stuff, his later stuff done after he went industrial. Exile and Pure for sure, I have those. I could mostly only find live stuff from those on YouTube but here's a sampler of the Jagged album. Avoid anything earlier than 1994's Sacrifice, avoid best-of discs as those will be full of his 80s hits.

Amon Tobin. Back from Space,Four Ton Mantis (both on Out From Out Where)


Seconding Massive Attack and Burial as well.
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Tricky (who was in Massive Attack)

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David Bowie's album Outside is maybe a little too rock-flavored for what you're looking for but it's generally very spacious, looming, and ominous.
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Chatelaine and if you like that you will probably also like Toni Halliday's old band Curve.
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