Help me identify a drawing!
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Does anyone know the name of the artist who drew/painted a picture featuring a woman blowing dandelion spore presents?

Saw it somewhere, was intrigued by its meaning, and wanted to do a search to see what others have said about the drawing. I can't find it in Google Images however. I'm hoping that knowing the artist who did the drawing might help.
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Your question is rather vague. Do you know what style the picture was in? Sketch, full color painting (watercolor, pastel)? Do you remember other elements that were in the picture?

Pretty sure this isn't it but it's the only thing that comes to mind.
Painted by Kit Williams.
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Was it this?
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You're not by chance thinking of "La Semeuse," the logo of the Larousse publishing house? Eugène Grasset did the first version for them. (Note: link is in French.)
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By the way, the Larousse version carries the motto "Je sème à tout vent" (literally, "I sow with every wind") and symbolizes the dissemination of knowledge through the company's dictionary.
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And finally, here's a JPEG of one of Grasset's versions.
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(alice): Yup, that's it. Thank you!
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