Botulism and a future-showing TV
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Young adult book about a future-seeing TV and a botulism scare.

I recall a book I've read but never finished when I was a child. Two kids found or put together an old TV that could apparently have the next day's news on the day before. They were floating around the idea about playing the lottery numbers to win the next day but the main focus was something like how to prevent a huge botulism poisoning that was gonna happen in the future.

I cannot find anything online. I've read it in the mid-late 90s. Anyone?
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A Billion for Boris, which I think was a sequel to Freaky Friday.

I think of that book regularly.
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Awesome! So pissed at myself that I didn't find it... all that was coming up on LibraryThing, amazon, and Google were scientific stuff. Thanks Miko!
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