Help me find my techno earworm!
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Here's a snippet of a minimalist techno track that has been rattling around my head earworm style for a month now. Can you tell me who it is? The linked track was part of a 2 hour DJ set I downloaded from Tumblr at some point in March. As to what blog it came from I have no idea and no amount of searching gets me any closer. Help! WARNING! CONTAINS EARWORM!
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Just tried Shazam, no luck.
posted by zippy at 6:22 PM on July 3, 2012

Can you ask the DJ in question? I've found that most people making mixes online are really happy when people ask them what they're spinning.
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Yeah I tried Shazam and a few other online tools that try to match music but to no effect.

dunkadunc If I could find the DJ then I'd ask but as I said I can't find the blog I downloaded it from. Additionally the file has a nondescript name so no help there for looking it up or identifying it.
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You should ask on the Resident Advisor forums if no one knows on MeFi.

Note that the track may not be a single track if it is in a mix, but could be two tracks mixed over one another.
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It doesn't seem to match anything on their new remix comp Too High to Move, but I could swear that sounds like something from Quiet Village.
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I'm no help either but I'm thinking it might be a mashup of some old prog'ish track with someone else's minimal beats. The sample is all left channel as well, which makes me think it might be an old mono record. Unfortunately, it's in my ear as well now too. Please updat eif you find the source.

This classic might serve as a temporary balm:
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You may have already tried this, but if not, a search like ' inurl:filename' might lead you to it.
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I think the underlying groove is from an old Pink Floyd track. Something from the very early catalog. I'll dig through my collection and see if I can nail it down.
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Yep, it's from Careful With That Axe, Eugene, from Umma Gumma's live album. It's mostly a sped-up loop from near the beginning when the organ really starts in. If you go checking out the entire track, be careful. It lulls you in with that nice, smooth opening, then Roger Waters starts screaming at you and the band rocks TF out.
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For clarification, Pink Floyd's Umma Gumma was a 2-discer, one live performance and one studio tracks. CWTAE is on the live one.
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Very good, laconic s! I also thought 'twas Pink Floyd, but the speeding-up threw me.
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Excellent work all! Still not found the artist behind the mix but it being from Careful with the Axe Eugene explains the creeping familiarity of the hook. Odd how speed and context meant I didn't make the connection.

It gave me some new words to throw into my fruitless (so far) search. Thanks!
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Found it!

For anyone interested it's here.

Looks like the owner of the blog might have created the mix although there's pretty much no info about them. Generally they credit the DJs on other posts but not this one which is why I'm guessing it's their own.

Tracklist is as follows;

00 – when snow turns into rain
01 - Erik Satie - Gnossiennes n.4
02 - Dyno - Bolts Dreaming
03 - Jonas Mantey - Frei
04 - Invisible Conga People - Can’t Feel My Knees
05 - Greenville Massive feat Kat Boelskov - Everything
06 - Pink Floyd - Careful (KØSTER Edit)
07 - DJ T. - Leaving Me feat. Khan (Daniel Bortz Remix)
08 - Angus & Julia Stone - Silver Coin (Andri edit)
09 - Cosmic Cowboys - Notre Jour Viendra (Lake People Remix)
10 - Radiohead - Codex (Hannes Fischer Edit)
11 - Phonique - Our Time Our Chance feat. Ian Whitelaw
12 - Jacob Korn - She
13 - Theophilus London - Wine and Chocolates (Andhim edit)
14 - Claptone - Good To You
15 -, Mr.Pong - My Hands Are Closed (Dan Caster & Rene Bourgeois Remix)
16 - Gabe - That Reg (Mucky Pups Remix)
17 - Parov Stelar - Jimmy s Gang (Enzo Siffredi Remix)
18 - Ido Frumkin - Green Frog
19 - Joachim Pastor - Braumstig (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
20 - John Tejada - Farther And Fainter
21 - Monkey Safari - Son
22 - Frivolous - Allen Town Jail
23 - Burial - Stolen Dog
24 - Phaeleh - Afterglow
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And here's the mix by KØSTER on Youtube.
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Brilliant! Thanks for the update.
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You're very welcome.

From the Youtube link I found out that KØSTER has a Soundcloud page here where you can download the Pink Floyd mix and a couple of others for free too. Todays' most successful Askmefi question.

I'll drop him a link to this thread.
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They've killed twenty of my people, including my beloved wife. Oh, not all at once, and not instantly, to be sure.
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