Seeking an iPhone app that circumvents call logs. I'd like privacy when using a work issued iPhone. Does such an app/service exist?
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Seeking an iPhone app that circumvents call logs. I'd like privacy when using a work issued iPhone. Does such an app/service exist?

I've been offered a phone at work and I'm tempted to take it as it would save me money, I'm very dissatisfied with my current carrier, and generally I need something robust and reliable for some of the on-call duties I perform. However, I get quite a few personal texts and phone calls and I'm not interested in anyone at my company being privy to any of that information. Initially I though GoogleVoice (which I use regularly, and yes I'm aware of the privacy issues there) would be an option but found that even on my private bill the call logs are recorded as the calling number. I'm just beginning to consider SendHub and I'm sure there are more. So my question to you is whether there is an app that is designed for just this. I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for this. I would like the app and overall process to be generally failsafe and robust.
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I think if there are things you want to use a phone for that you don't want The Man to know about, a personal cell phone is a wise investment. Since the calls are logged by the carrier, not the instrument, I'm not sure how you're going to anonymize the data to a bulletproof standard.
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Not looking for complete anonymity but a means of forwarding the call from another provider. I think Google Voice can be configured this way but I've not examined that closely. Also, I'd ultimately like to move away from Google Voice.
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Using something like Skype might give you some end-to-end protection in the form of encryption. Otherwise, there's no (App Store) app that has access to the telephony portion of the cell phone (calls, call logs, voice messages, etc.). This is off-limits from non-Apple developers. There might be something on the jailbreak side, however. You might browse Cydia for that.
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This is the reason there are Dollar General and Family Dollar stores. If you really want anonymity, really cheap throwaway phones can be had at the above stores (and I'm sure others - the more bars on the windows the better) for sometimes as low as $5. Do all your activating from a public hotspot with whatever information you want to give them. Rinse and repeat.

Using an iPhone, there's very little privacy at any level. With Apple, the carrier, etc.

Good luck!
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I meant to add that some people keep the cheapo phone only for the free voicemail or forwarding that comes with it.
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I'm pretty sure anything on your device your workplace will be able to track.

The only think I can think of is telling Google voice to pass all incoming calls as your Google voice number, effectively hiding your incoming call log, but then you won't be able to tell who is calling either.
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Burner phone. Your cell carrier will almost necessarily know what you're doing with your device, and what they know, your employer can know.
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VOIP client like Line2? It'll use your data not your voice, so calls won't appear on your bill.
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Another thing to consider is that even if you do find such an app, this is still a work-issued phone we're talking about: they'd most likely know you'd installed an app that prevents them from seeing the phone's data, and that alone might ring more alarm bells than whatever phone numbers you're trying to keep private from them.
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