Where can I play basketball in Washington DC area (Bethesda) late at night?
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Where can I play basketball in Washington DC (Bethesda) area late at night?

I'd like to play basketball late at night this Monday and Tuesday nights.

I prefer playing on outdoor courts with lights, for free, until 3AM, that is optimal. sub optimal would be indoor courts, that cost money, till midnight or something.

Anyone know where the games are at?

closer to Bethesda is a bonus

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How about at the YMCA?
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I also see a lot of people playing outside late at a park I live near, but it's North Bethesda.
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Bethesda doesn't strike me as a late night hoops kind of place. More like early morning tennis. But that may change if you're outside the beltway, in North Bethesda, towards Rockville.

Otherwise, I would either go into DC or look in Silver Spring.
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Are you looking to play pick up games? Or just shoot around? I don't know of any pick up games that go 'till 3am but if you want to shoot around there's plenty of public parks with basketball courts - there's the playground across from Bethesda Elementary, Cederwood Park in N. Bethesda (off Tuckerman), courts at Tilden Middle School...I don't know how late they stay lit though.
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I'm talking pickup games, with lights. Even if I have to drive it'd be fine if I could get a good game in. And I'm looking for a specific recommendation of a confirmed late night game.. like I said even if it's a half hour drive, it's ok!
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