Is there a Russian translation of a book named "Feeling Good, by David Burns?
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I'm looking for a Russian translation of a book named "Feeling Good", by David Burns. I'm not sure that a Russian edition exists, but Burn's book has been translated into many languages; it's one of the most popular books on Cognitive Therapy (maybe THE most popular book). I would like to find a copy for a Russian speaking friend. If you know of a Russian translation, it would also be helpful to know how I might procure/buy a copy. Thanks, in advance for your help!
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A quick Google search yielded this page, where you can download a translation (by L. Slavin, the same edition as the WorldCat link) as a Word document. I wasn't able to find anywhere where you could actually buy it. The translation in question is from a 1995 edition, so, if there weren't any reprints (as TheRaven's link seems to corroborate), finding it on sale may be hard.
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