Bug Identification
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Bug Identification: What kind of bugs are these? Mystery Bug A (1, 2, 3) is about an inch long from end to antennae, made a hissy/clicky noise, and bit me. Mystery Bug B are small skittery bugs that prefer cool, dark, and damp spots. I live in a southeastern Manitoba, Canada, which is classified as a humid continental climate, if that helps.
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Bug B looks like a woodlouse from that photo - about how large are they?
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Bug B vary in size, but I'd say between 0.5cm - 1cm. They sort of remind me of fat, stubby silverfish. (Sorry about the crap photo, btw). I'm pretty sure you're right on the ID; they're also called sowbugs, and that's definitely ringing a bell for me.
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Bug A is some kind of assassin bug, possibly a masked hunter (Reduvius personatus).
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Wiki's description syncs up pretty well - and it lists woodlouse as prey, which makes sense. Very relieved to read they aren't venomous, as it may have taken a nip out of my cat before I got hold of it. Never heard of them before, fantastic name.

Thanks so much!
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