How to avoid shoulder pain in Let's Dance 3 on the wii
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My right shoulder hurts when I play Let's Dance 3 on the wii. I still want to play it though! Please help me find a workaround. Are there any 3rd party wiimotes that are really lightweight?

I am left-handed but hold the wiimote in my right hand, but the extra weight really strains my shoulder. (LD3 only supports the right hand, and holding the wiimote in my left hand impacts scoring and other encouraging features of the game, which I like. I also think I'd have this issue no matter which hand I used.)

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has this issue. Have you experienced this and found a workaround? Are there any lightweight 3rd party wiimotes or wrist-mounts out there? Lightweight replacements for a pair of AA batteries? :/
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I work-out with Just Dance 2 or 3 almost daily, and I've never had this problem. Are you sure it's not an issue of grip, or the manner in which you're dancing? I jokingly call playing the game "flailing around the living room," but certain songs--"Are you gonna go my way?" for one--induce more aches and pains if I'm out of practice or using looser, more out of control movements. Being careful about range of motion generally helps.
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What is your insurance situation? If the weight of a wiimote is sufficient to initiate shoulder pain something is out of whack in there. If you have insurance then perhaps a doctor can prescribe some physical therapy. Otherwise, I would suggest doing some exercises and stretches designed for rotator cuff issues. The internets are replete with good sites for this. If there is something wrong addressing it now is the best before some other stress larger than a wiimote leads to serious injury
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