BMW expertise?
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What's the best source for advice/info for BMW owners?

I have lots of niggling questions about my BMW - in particular with the iDrive system, which drives me crazy. I've found that the people at the dealership often know less than they should. Is there another place (online or IRL) that I can go to get really expert-level help with the non-driving aspects of my BMW?
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I've had good luck with the message boards at Check out the "forums" section for you particular year/make.
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is a good place for general BMW knowledge. There's also typically a forum specific to your model, if you know the E or F code. If you don't know that, let me know the year and model, and I can help you out.
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Bimmerfest has a great community that helps with a lot of stuff.

What's bugging you about iDrive? (and which version/model year do you have?)
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Seconding Bimmerfest. It's really useful.
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I have iDrive ... the older version (2007). What's up?
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You'll want to take a look at Bimmerpost as well.
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Response by poster: thanks all - i will definitely look at the forums you've mentioned. but since you ask, i'll also go into my gripes here. i have a 2011 335d and i love driving it - but my last car was a lexus and i felt that certain aspects of the non-driving experience are a step down with this car.

i apologize in advance if i sound like a whiny dweeb:
-entering addresses in a major city can be maddening. when you enter the city or zip code and the street name, it makes you choose from a long list of streets that are subdivided in a way that's completely foreign. like, the address might be 345 Park Street but it'll make me choose from 15 different park streets that are the same street, but BMW for some reason divides it up into arbitrary chunks. it's hard to explain, but no other Nav system I've used is like that.
-i like to put my work bag or my groceries in the passenger seat. in the lexus, the seatbelt sound would ding a few times, then stop. in the bmw it never stops. is there any way around this?
-the map doesn't show enough street names. it seems like it just shows a few random ones. it's very frustrating when i'm trying to examine the map.

okay, complaining done.
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