Painting of two girls in CMA collection
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I'm trying to identify an oil painting of two young girls that was (still is?) in the Cleveland Museum of Art's collection.

Both girls are dressed in finery, and I believe one has pearls in her hair. One looks about 4, and the other (her sister, I think) is maybe 6. One of the girls is holding a dove, and I vaguely remember a small dog in the picture. They are outdoors. The style is similar to the Drouais painting at the top of this page.

I remember this painting from my childhood, but don't remember seeing it since the CMA renovations (although I haven't spent as much time at the museum since then).
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Best answer: Is it Ladies Amabel and Mary Jemima Yorke? by Joshua Reynolds?

It's still on display at the CMA.
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Response by poster: Wow. Yep. Thanks!
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