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Facebook. A friend of a friend tags 47 people in random pictures. I don't want to block my friend but I don't want to see another thing from this guy.
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Hover over his name; a little window will pop up. Click the "Friends" button and deselect the "Show in News Feed" option. This will hide anything from him (though it might not keep you from seeing the photos if other friends of yours are tagged in the photos, depending on your settings for those individuals).
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Go to your newsfeed; go to his most recent update. Click in the upper right hand corner. Unsubscribe from his updates. You now will not see anything in your news feed, but you can still go to his profile and check out what he's doing. He will not know that you aren't seeing his posts.

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I'm not seeing what you're referring to. It's a friend's friend. My friend is tagged in the dummy's picture. I saw where I could block my friends photo activity and I've done that for now.
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You can block the friend of your friend. You don't have to block your actual friend.
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Yeah, if you know his name, you can block him. I've done it for friends-of-friends before.
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Got it went to his page and blocked him.
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